Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Josh K

My little brother was my fourth session last fall!! Oh man, it seems like just yesterday I was taller than him and had to help him with everything. I refuse to believe he is old enough to graduate and be starting college! Ah! He's such an amazing young man, so on fire for Christ. Super polite and just living life to the fullest!

Joe M

My third session from last fall, I had to have help to get him to smile! Like most guys, he wanted to take serious pictures but he has a great smile. Best of luck in you future and since I know you are joining the military, good luck to you sir. The greatest honor is given to those who serve to protect their country and their families. 

Jessica B

Another session from last fall. Such a photogenic young lady! I enjoyed spending all the time to take pictures because she was open to trying everything I suggested and we just had a ton of fun! You have such a beautiful smile and you are just as beautiful as your smile. Wishing you the best of luck in your future!

Trinity K

From this last year, I've grown up with Trinity K in our hometown and we've known each other for awhile now. Such a beautiful young lady and a very talented artist and writer. I'm so excited for her to publish her books so that I can keep reading them! We got to have a ton of fun riding horse and she even let me ride for awhile!

Josh B

This is my first Senior Session! Back from the fall of 2012, Josh B asked me to take his pictures for him. I had a ton of fun driving around the back roads looking for the perfect spots to take pictures at. Very awesome young man who didn't mind me being the picky photographer ;)